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STACKERS conveyors

Portable conveyors / stacker conveyors (Mobile Conveyors) are one of the most popular type of material handling equipments .These are versatile, reliable industrial conveyors light in weight for easy maneuverability, fitted with endless belt made of fabric, rubber or PVC as per the requirement of material to be handled. This belt traverses between two or more pulleys and is supported by idler rollers or slider bed. These conveyors find excellent use in warehouses, sugar industries, chemical industries, food grains storages depot etc. where bulk quantities of bags, boxes are to conveyed for loading/unloading into trucks, containers or stacking/ de-stacking in warehouses. Mobile belt conveyors can move materials at variable speed or constant speed as per the client requirement. Mobile belt conveyors include flat belt, trough belt and metal/wooden slat stacker conveyors.

• Equipped with Hydraulic cylinder and power pack for variable height adjustments up to 3 meters (10 feet) for Belt Conveyors and up to 6 meters (20 – 25 feet) for Stackers.
• Mounted on Solid molded tyres / castor wheels / toe bar for easy and fast in-house mobility.

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